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Pinterest marketing can get defined by the use of a Pinterest tool in increasing your business awareness. The Pinterest tool majorly helps you to drive organic traffic back to a website. If adequately used, may help you to increase your brand’s overall awareness.

If you think that Facebook and Twitter are the only useful social media marketing tools, then maybe you may need to think again. There is, a more efficient social media marketing tool known as Pinterest.

Pinterest pins are better options compared to twitter and Facebook. The reason for this is because their spreadable capacity is 100 times compared to tweets.  The recent Instagram purchase by Facebook has seen Pinterest become the business marketing hot cake.

Pinterest marketing is not just a hot cake for nothing. It has accounted for a record 27% in Pinterest accounts for about 500 companies over the last year. This percentage has indicated that perhaps your business should adopt the use of Pinterest marketing and join a record 250 million other users.

If you are seeking to increase the sales of your business, then you may have to deploy the use of Pinterest marketing. Although known to many as a tool for lifestyle bloggers and in some case, home chefs, proper implementation of the Pinterest marketing will most likely impact positively on your business. This impact will see you realize steady growth in your sales.

According to the latest research, an astonishing 50% of consumers opted to buy after seeing a Pinterest promoted pin. Another 67% claimed to have discovered a new product or brand the content they found on the network.

If your ideal business audience lies on Pinterest, and you are seeking to explore a new venue for your business brand. Then Pinterest might help you to solve this problem. Even though Pinterest marketing might not be as popular as Facebook, it surely has got its own merits against other brands.

Before engaging the use of Pinterest marketing, it is very much important to know precisely the kind of population found on Pinterest. About 41% of the users are women, while 16% are men.  84% of the users are people with ages ranging from 18 to 64, with the majority of them getting spread among age groups. About 31% of the users hail from suburban areas.

After getting convinced that Pinterest marketing is ideal for the growth of your business, it will be vital for you to plan on how to come up with a Pinterest marketing strategy. Below are the steps through which you can use to create a Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest business accounts for Pinterest marketing:

Pinterest business accounts

The first thing you need to do when creating a Pinterest marketing strategy is to ensure you give your Pinterest account a brand look. That point makes it necessary for you to begin by turning Pinterest into a business account.

Creating and converting a person is very much easy and free. You only need to go through some simple steps of filling your profile and later on connecting it to your other social accounts.

After completing that process, you may now need to move to the next step where you will have to ensure the keywords on your bio are relevant to your brand. Ensure to give Pinterest your brand voice but at the same time ensuring you retain the useful SEO to enable Pinterest to know what your business is all about.

Optimize your website for Pinterest marketing:

When creating a Pinterest marketing strategy, always ensure to consider your visitors by making it easy for them to pin from your pages. On this particular one, you may have several options among them using the Pinterest own save button of not so then you may customize your share button.

You may also have to enable the use of Rich pins regardless of what your business sells. The use of product pins will give your customers or intended audience important pricing info about your business while article pins may be ideal for blogs.

Real simple pins serve the purpose of recipe pins. After opening the pin-up; you may be to know the required period to make the needed ingredients before even going ahead to click through instructions. Rich pins on mobile apps stand out with star reviews together with product icons and recipe times.

Buyable pins:

If you intend to move your product pins a step further, then you can do so through your web store to your created Pinterest account.

Image optimization:

For you to get your pins and Pinterest performing well, then you may need to make use of lifestyle photography. The image is the first thing that comes into contact with your audience eyes and hence the need to have quality photos.

When in the process of trying to create your product pages, ensure to include some lifestyle photos. You may even have to add some optimally sized images.

Be active in your Pinterest marketing:

After completing the process of optimizing your website and profile, you may now have to move on to the other step of being active.  To achieve this, you may have to spare some time to source your content and also find out on what exactly gets pinned from your site.

You may be able to add some descriptions together with relevant hashtags during the pinning process.

These hashtags may be to get used as points reference by your audience by simply clicking them at any given time.

Optimizing your Pinterest strategy involves using relevant hashtags and concise, clear descriptions in your pins. Balance popular and niche hashtags, and consider creating branded hashtags for campaigns. Keep the number of hashtags per pin moderate to avoid clutter. Optimize pin descriptions with keywords for better searchability.

Maintain a consistent pinning schedule to engage your audience regularly. Utilize Pinterest’s rich pins feature for enhanced user experience. Monitor pin and hashtag performance using analytics to refine your strategy and maximize results. By following these steps, you can improve your presence and effectiveness on Pinterest.

If you can’t keep up the consistency of your Pinterest marketing, you can work with an expert to do it for you. Professional pinners can help you curate engaging content, optimize your pinning strategy, and analyze performance metrics to ensure maximum effectiveness. They’re always updated on the latest trends and algorithm changes, ensuring your Pinterest strategy remains relevant and impactful.

You can also work with influencers to boost your Pinterest marketing efforts. Collaborating with influencers on Pinterest can help increase brand awareness, website traffic, and leads or sales. Find Pinterest influencers with the same target audience and values as your brand.

In that way, you can tap into their engaged followers who have an interest in your products or services. This strategy can extend your reach and credibility within your target market, ultimately boosting your Pinterest marketing efforts.

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Analyze your Pinterest marketing work:

After completing your hard work, you may need to move ahead and analyze it for your good. During the analysis process, you may even rely on Pinterest own analytics for insights on the most popular pins.

The Pinterest guide will be able to take you through all the available analytics. If you managed to correctly optimize your website for Pinterest then you may have to check out with pages that are older one month.

Pinterest will be able to provide you with information on the best-performing pins in search together with the ones that got uniquely pinned form your website.

Spice up your strategy for Pinterest marketing:

Pinterest marketing strategy

After ensuring your Pinterest strategy is in order. You may now have to start expanding your plan and in so doing, try to incorporate other ideas such as a contest. You may have to make use of boards like Serena and lily Color theory for visual effects.

As you may be scrolling down the board, you will be able to notice the grouping together of similar colored pins.

You may have to use the Pincodes to take The Pinterest board into the wild.  We have codes that you can generate from any available system with a customizable image. You will have to use the stored Pincodes on different social media networks or if not so you can use them on your printed marketing material.

For a fantastic pinning strategy, you may need to incorporate videos as well. If you realize one is doing well, then you can go ahead to promote it with a Pinterest paying advertising program.

Pins may appear differently due to the promotion designation but in most cases, you may find them looking ordinary in your feed. The advertisement might just work for you perfectly if you only target pins.

If you are looking for the best kind of pins then look for the ones that get in line with the network content.  The reason for this is that pins that are in line with the network content have the best visual and so beneficial for your audience.

If you are using a hard product sell then pins might not be appropriate for you.  Pins may prefer how two different get more engaging, the content marketing is at the core of the pins.

Pinterest marketing

Ensure to include every word in Pinterest marketing:

Pinterest is basically a visual medium. However, you need to know that it takes more than just great visual to create an engagement with clients.  Ensure to make the most of the available description area to explain to your customers exactly what they stand to get upon clicking the content link on your site.

Most importantly is that you have to ensure you include the most important the keywords you consider to be important so as to help your pins appear in search.

Get social for Pinterest marketing:

social for Pinterest marketing

You should always recall that Pinterest is a social network, and you need not make it look like a Billboard. To get people engaging with your pins, you may have to get involved yourself. To do this, you may need to follow other boards and from non-competitive but relevant in your industry.

After that, you may now move to actively engage pins that relate to your niche. To get the best out of your Pinterest Marketing you may need to get your employees and possibly brand ambassadors contributing to your group boards.

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Make use analytics to improve Pinterest marketing results:

Pinterest marketing results

Pinterest analytics will provide you with the necessary information regarding the best performing content. This information will enable you to improve the results of your business over a given period. From the same information, you will be to notice the most popular pins and the ones that drive the most traffic to your site.

Analytics will also help you to the boards that include your pins which might enable to get the sense of how people regard your business and products. Knowing how people think about your business and products might help you in positioning your Pinterest efforts.

You will also be able to get information about the demographics together with the wide interest of the people with your pins. This information will also help you target the right audience by providing you with the most valuable insights.

Pin consistency for effective Pinterest marketing:

Pinterest marketing goals

If you choose to use Pinterest marketing for your business then you may have to ensure that you are very consistent with the way you pin. For proper Pinterest, you may have to pin something on a daily basis.

If your brands get located in the U.S, then research has discovered that. You may have to pin consistently on weekends and evenings for your Pinterest marketing strategy to get active. It is advisable to spread your posts over a given period, preferably over a week rather than posting so much content at once.

If you are creating pins that target upcoming holidays or events then you may have to ensure that you start posting them at least 45 days earlier.

If need makes use of rich pins:

Rich pins can get defined by enhanced pins that use metadata that gets pulled from your site. These pins serve the purpose of providing extra information about what your users will get upon clicking on a nail.  The pins are available for apps products and recipes.  Rich pins are almost applicable to any content you pin on your site or maybe hoping other people may pin on your website as well.

For a better understanding, rich pins for articles may include the headline together with the name of the author and the date. Rich pins also help you in indicating the items link points along with a call to action button.

Try out Pinterest promoted pins for your Pinterest marketing:

Promoted pins get also known as Pinterest adds, are an ideal way of ensuring your pins get seen by most people. Using promoted pins will assist you with the exposure that goes beyond just what you pay for. Pinterest may identify promoted pins by placing the word promoted just below the pin.

If a user clicks on the more icons it will bring up a statement that describes the person that paid for the ad.


If you have your own business and you have never tried out Pinterest marketing, then maybe this should be the right time for you to do so. Pinterest marketing is just as effective as Facebook and Twitter and if properly strategized and implemented, it may impact positively on your business sales.

Use the tips mentioned above as guidelines to start Pinterest marketing for your business if you don’t have one yet. If you want guidance with Pinterest marketing, feel free to contact us through [email protected].

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