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How To Get Back Lost Snapchat Streak?



We all know about almost all social media apps and their contribution to our life. Snapchat is among one them. Built by Apple itself, It is an extremely entertaining application.

Your Snapchat page shows you that amazing fire symbol next to your best friend’s name, and every time you visit, the number increases. It is amazing to see your Snapchat streak (snap streak) like this, isn’t it?

But there are possibilities of you losing that streak accidentally. Don’t start losing your mind, too, because we have a guide on how to fix your Snapchat streak lost issue; stay tuned.

If you are Snapchat, then you must get familiar with the word Snapchat Streak.

How Does A Snapchat Streak Work?

How Does A Snapchat Streak Work

Let’s start with the basics here. Many of you don’t know what ‘Snapchat streak lost’ means, so to know how it works, you have to know what it is about. 

1. Get A Friend 

Streaks do not work solo; it is a demonstration of your friendship. To have a streak, you have to rely on someone. You can directly ask your friend to start a streak together or it’s just a mutual thought. 

2. Exchange Snaps Three Days In A Row

The beginning of streaks starts when you and your friend, for continuous three days, send snaps to each other. After the third day, you will notice a fire emblem next to the name of your friend. Snapchat also tallies the days the streak has lasted.

3. Send One Snap Each Day And Get The Respond Within 24 Hours

There are some rules, but it’s super easy to obey. To have a streak, you will have to send one snap each day to that person you thought of doing streaks with. Or maybe a friend who chose you. In reply to your snap, your friend has to respond to it with another snap within 24 hours.

Remember your snap has to be fresh because chats won’t count neither will old snaps as well as videos too. But maybe when a video is sent through a snap function. It is about sending snaps to individuals, not groups.

What About Snapchat Streak Emojis?

What About Snapchat Streak Emojis

On the topic of ‘Snapchat lost streak’, we have an emoji section too. It will help you understand more than losing a streak.

Before we start, keep in mind that emojis are different from trophies. However, the more streaks you take part in, the more trophies will be given to you by Snapchat

Visit your contacts, and look at them properly enough to find out the emojis beside some of the names. It depends on how many friends you have and how frequently you guys communicate.

If you send a message to a friend every day without missing a day, there will be a smiley beside that friend’s name. The smiley face denotes that you guys are best friends, and it will also appear while you are on a snap streak with someone. 

After completing 100 days of streaking, Snapchat will congratulate you by putting a “100” emoji right next to the flame symbol that you have gained. Beyond that is just it keeps a record of the days you have been on these recent streaks. 

It is obvious to forget that someone has sent you a snap, and you need to respond to that. Relax Snapchat has covered that too for you; it will show an hourglass emoji beside your streak number. So if you see one, snap back immediately.

Why Do You Lose Your Snapchat Streak?

Why Do You Lose Your Snapchat Streak

Some of the common reasons for losing Snapchat streaks are as follows–

When Your Friend Fails To Send You A Snap

A lost streak on Snapchat? Here I have an explanation of why. The most common reason behind losing your Snapchat streak is that you and your friend failed to send a snap to each other within the past 24 hours. Don’t blame each other, and it’s hard to be active all the time on Snapchat with a busy life schedule

Due To Network Connection Errors

The second reason for the Snapchat streak lost might be the network connectivity. If the net fails while you send a snap, then it won’t get delivered. But in that case, you will be notified that the snap you sent your friend hasn’t been delivered. 

Mismanagement Of Hardware Or Operating System 

Issues with hardware or operating systems can also be considered. This is not only going to affect you but your best friend too. 

Snapchat Bug Biting Is Causing Snapchat Streak Lost 

There Are times when the snaps disappear by themselves after sending. No one really knows why; maybe it’s a bug within the app. 

Enough of the scary possibilities. Lost streak Snapchat can be recovered back. 

How To Recover Your Lost Snapchat Streak

The Recovery Road Of Snapchat Lost Streak Claim

After losing the streak, you might yell, ‘snapchat lost my streak,’ and that’s okay!. Snapchat does care for its users; even after some things are out of the league, Snapchat tries to get them for you.

Before we dive into the ways of getting back the snap streak and talk more about the lost Snapchat streak, there are some things you might want to know.

Things To Remember When You Lost Snapchat Streak

  • Remember, Snapchat will not help you get your streaks back if you lose them regularly.
  • They will do it only once and help you get back your lost Snapchat streak.
  • You may be lucky enough to get second or third-time assistance if you face a ‘Snapchat streak lost.’ 
  • You can start your snap streak game with many people at once, but snapping them has to be done individually. 

Now, imagine losing numerous snaps, but Snapchat will only help one, considering the longest-running streak.

Getting The Streak Back On Snapchat

Getting The Streak Back On Snapchat

Snapchat streak lost; there you go with the notification that is about to give a panic attack! But wait. Take a deep breath and read the following to get it back.

Following these simple steps will help you get back your lost Snapchat streak–

  • Go to Snapchat support, 
  • Among a lot of problems, click on ‘my snapstreaks disappeared’
  • You will be given a form to fill out, which should be all about basic details.
  • Give as many details you can remember, like 
  • the number of streaks there, 
  • last time when you saw it. 
  • If you can’t remember then ask your friend. You can also mention the last date you lost your snap streak. 
  • Once you are done filling up the form, hit ‘Send’ to submit your form

Make sure you let Snapchat know if the app doesn’t download or a snap is not getting delivered to your friend because of connectivity issues. The last thing you can do is wait for Snapchat’s reply because sometimes they don’t.

Alternate Method To Get Back Lost Snapchat Streak

You can get back your Snapchat streak by following these steps–

    • Navigate to the Snapchat support page.
    • Select Contact Us.
  • Look for the How Can We Help section.
  • Select My Snapstreaks Have Disappeared.
  • Fill in the form.

Select the Send button for submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope that you are able to recover your lost Snapchat streak after reading this article. However, if you have any further questions related to Snapchat, you can follow these popularly asked questions. 

Q1: What Does The 4 🔥 Mean On Snapchat?

This emoji symbolizes a snap streak. When this emoji appears next to your friend’s, it means that the two of you have exchanged snaps every day.

Q2: What Does 😎 💕 Mean On Snapchat?

When you have the heart emoji on Snapchat, it means that you and your friend have remained number one BFs for two months.

Q3: What Comes After 💕 On Snapchat?

When you see a golden heart beside any person on Snapchat, it means you have been friends. When the color of the heart is red, it means that you are best friends. If you see pink hearts, it means that things are serious between you two.

Q3: What Does 😈 Mean On Snapchat?

The devil emoji usually has a purple face. This smiling devil emoji signifies a bad boy or a bad girl. It can also be used as sexual innuendo or mischief in general.

Final Thoughts 

Snapchat streak lost, is really upsetting for ardent users of Snapchat. But there are ways to recover that back.

If you have lost it and are going crazy about how to retrieve it back, then this article is going to help you out. 

Leave a comment below in the comment box and share your experience with us.

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