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The Top Social Networking Sites People Are Using



The popular social networking sites in the world have been changing over time. The truth of the matter is that these changes will remain to be evident even in the coming days. Old social networks will tend to die and new ones come into play. In fact, we expect new brands to get to the market and overtake the existing ones very soon. We have shifted from the old days of MySpace to a new social media world that is dominated by Facebook among other social media apps. Some children will tell you that Snapchap is the future of the social media industry. This article presents the top social media sites that people are using.

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Top Social Media Sites:


Social Media Sites - Facebook

You cannot run away from the fact that the largest proportion of social media users are on Facebook. The platform is commanding a monthly use of more than 2 billion people. According to Facebook statistics, over one billion people log into the site each day. A research done by Statista shows that Facebook Messenger has several cool features that rank it in the second position after WhatsApp. Facebook users do it as individuals or by setting up or joining groups. Facebook failed to get Snapchat but bought WhatsApp in 2014 so that it could command the instant messaging service.

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Twitter Social Media

Twitter is a public real time microblogging platform where users break news first. Most users love it because it has a short character limit that now stands at 280. It also has unfiltered feeds that will show you everything absolutely in the form of tweets. Twitter has been changing significantly over time and most people criticize it for copying the operations of Facebook. The integration of Twitter cards now allows users to share any form of multimedia content in the form of tweets. It’s not a surprise to see algorithmic timelines getting into twitter too.

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Linkedin Social Media

LinkedIn is one of the top social media sites that are specially designed for professionals. People who desire to make connections that can help them advance in their career connect on LinkedIn. The design of the profile resembles a detailed resume and has sections of certifications, volunteer work, education, awards, and work experience among other relevant work-related information. As a user, you can make connections with other professionals to promote your business or career, interact through group discussions, make job applications, post job vacancies, and submit article publications to LinkedIn Pulse.

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google-plus Social Media

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Google+ made its entrance in 2011 during the early summer and has become the fastest growing social media platform. The Search giant had initially failed in Google Wave and Google Buzz before successfully creating Google+.  Users dint want a clone of Facebook and hence no one wanted to use Google+. In 2015, Google+ rolled out a new brand that put more emphasis on collections features and communities that differentiated this platform from other top social media sites and gave users their desires. Currently, Google+ is ranked among the top social networking sites globally.

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YouTube Social Media

Most people go to YouTube to share and watch video content online. YouTube ranks second after Google among all the search engines. You can still recognize Google as a distinct social media network despite the fact that it is owned by Google. You can use the platform to watch any video on any topic and also upload your own videos. This can range from independent films, personal vlogs, movies, and music videos. YouTube has also launched its premium subscription option that is referred to as YouTube Red. This option eliminates all video advertisements. You can also watch YouTube TV which is an independent option for live streaming subscription.

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Instagram Social Media

Instagram is among the popular social media sites that the web has hosted. The platform allows users to share short videos and real-time photos while on the go. Instagram influencers and various brands see it as a leading advertisement platform. Most of them generate legit income from this platform. Initially, the app was only available for iOS. However, the platform has grown significantly and you can now find it on Windows and Android phones. You can also find Instagram on the Web. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 at a whopping one billion dollars.

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Pinerest Social Media

Pinterest now falls among the top social networking sites in the global platform. This platform reveals the importance of visual content on the world wide web. It is the first standalone online site that managed to hit 10 million unique visits in one month. The site has an intuitive and beautiful pin board-style platform. The resource is very useful for anyone who wants to collect beautiful images that are grouped on various boards. Pinterest is also commanding a lot of influence among social media shoppers. It now features the “Buy” buttons on the pins of each product that some retailers sell.

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Tumblr Social Media

Tumblr is a popular social media site for young adults and teenagers. Like Pinterest, this platform is ideal for sharing visual content. The user can customize the theme for his or her blog, develop blog posts that have different format of content, follow other users and view their dashboards feed and allow other users to follow him back. Some of the popular ways of interacting on this platform include liking posts and re-blogging. You can end up with a long list of re-blogs as long as the content you post is great. The defining factor is how far your content gets pulled through the Tumblr community.


Snapchat Social Media

This social media networking app is completely mobile-based and survives on instant messaging. It’s among the apps that are growing at the fastest speed in the market. Snapchat gains its popularity from the concept of destructing ‘snaps.’ You can send a short video or photo as a snap (message) to your friend or college. This disappears automatically a few seconds after the recipient views it. Kids love this platform because it releases the pressure of sharing something with everyone like is the case with traditional social networks.

In conclusion, there are so many top social networking sites people are using. Each platform is unique in one way or the other because no one is looking for clones. Some of the popular social media sites not covered in this article include Reddit, Flickr, Swarm by Foursquare, Kik, Shots, Periscope, Medium, SoundCloud, Tinder, WhatsApp, Slack,, Peach, and peach. Most people use multiple social media platforms depending on the nature of interactions and target audience.

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