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What B2B Marketers Say About Channels That Contribute The Most To Business Growth



For most businesses, mastering B2B marketing strategies can be more daunting than selling to consumers.

This is simply because most brands understand consumer behavior because they are used to selling to them. They already know the best strategies to sell and provide the needs and wants of individual b2b marketers and buyers.

But when it comes to B2B marketing, you aren’t just selling to one person; you are selling to a group of individuals who might have a say in the purchasing decision. Needless to say, selling to stakeholders and pitching your products requires know-how that your experience with selling to consumers might not necessarily provide.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about B2B marketing strategies and which B2B channels contribute the most to business growth. If you are ready, let’s dive in! 

What Is B2B Marketing?

B2B is an acronym for business-to-business. A marketing strategy is used by one business to sell products or provide services to another business. Business-to-business marketing is crucial because sometimes, companies rely on other companies’ input(products, services) to function. 

For instance, the materials used in designing your favorite designer bags were outsourced by manufacturers from leather companies.

The primary goal of B2B marketing and b2b marketers is to attract leads and convert them into paying customers. Having explained that, let’s consider the top 5 B2B channels that are contributing the most to businesses in 2022

B2B Marketing

Here are the components of B2B marketing.

  • Set the goals
  • Website pictures and design changing.
  • Social media content posting.
  • Do not overlook the SEO factors.
  • Use the analytical part.

Top 5 B2b Marketing Channels In 2022

There’s a slew of b2b marketers and marketing channels available today. 

Sometimes, choosing the most suitable one that earns your company the best ROI is daunting. But don’t worry. Here are the best channels for your business growth.

1. Search Optimization Engine

SEO is simply the process of optimizing your website pages to rank higher in organic searches and keywords you want to rank for. So, how is this a relevant B2B strategy? Search is the most common and spontaneous way for users to find online information.

Optimizing your website will not only boost your rankings, but it will also make it easier for your target audience to find your brand online easily. Additionally, creating and publishing original content related to b2b marketer’s business will make you an expert in your industry.

Search Optimization Engine

While this can be challenging for most businesses, it’s worth using a professional marketing firm with vast knowledge of B2B copywriting strategies to help your business grow. This improves credibility and also increases traffic over time.

2. Social Media

Social media isn’t just for posting high-resolution pictures and catching up with trendy issues. It is also valuable for marketing channels, even for B2B companies. 

Maintaining a social media presence and talking about your company on social media helps your audience find you without stress or even refer you to someone who might need your service.

Social Media

You should maximize the power of social media. Regularly post links to new content, reviews, ongoing projects, etc. Don’t be silent; make sure everyone around you knows about your brand. 

3. Content Marketing

Nothing beats quality content in digital marketing. It is an excellent B2B marketing campaign channel that can help you generate leads and build an organic following, thereby increasing your conversion rate. 

This is compulsory if you are keen on building a lasting brand online and accelerating your business growth. Do you know for b2b marketers find which type of content is most effective? Social media content postings are the most valuable type of content marketing.

Content Marketing

Custom, engaging content enables people to comprehend not only your business but also your industry. Here, you can design original articles, newsletters, blog posts, eBooks, infographics, and guides. You can include pictorial content like videos and photos too.

4. SMS Marketing

Another marketing channel that most b2b marketers usually overlook but works magic is SMS marketing. You can keep a personal relationship with your client with SMS marketing. 

Besides that, it makes it easy for you to put your brand directly on your client’s phone. When you incorporate SMS marketing, you don’t need to worry about email spam issues or lack of internet connection.

SMS Marketing

5. Pay-Per-Click

As the name suggests, Pay-per-Click, or PPC for short, is a type of digital marketing that allows advertisers to pay publishers fees only when an ad is clicked on.

It’s a typical B2B channel that enables advertisers to compete for a spot in sponsored links on search engines. With Pay-per-click, you bid with others for keywords. If you are lucky and fall into the highest bidder category, your ads will pop up on organic search results.


6. Email Marketing

One of the most efficient marketing strategies to generate leads and sales is Email Marketing. With email campaigns, you can build relationships with your prospective clients. 

Instead of putting your products in their faces and risk being spammy, you can devise subtle means like sending scheduled emails and offering tips, insights, and other relevant information to your niches with b2b marketers’ marketing campaigns.

As you establish that relationship, you can position yourself to sell by focusing on the way your products or services can support them, eliminate problems or attain certain objectives.


The business world is getting more competitive, and everyone is trying to make customers patronize their brands, which can be challenging. For your business to thrive online, especially in a saturated market, you must be deliberate about growing your brand and standing out among your b2b marketers and competitors.

We believe with these proven tips, you can increase visibility, boost traffic and turn leads into paying customers.


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