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How To Become A Content Creator On Social Media And Earn Revenues



A Content Creator on Social Media is responsible for creating various forms of content. This content needs to be entertaining, informative, useful and attractive. Great content marketing on social media is critical to attracting traffic, increasing engagement and generating revenues. The content can be of several types- blogs, videos, infographics, images, e-books and so on.

Creating content is the lifeblood of the digital ecosystem.

Without content, no brand can expect to make an impact on its business.

This is why a content creator on social media assumes paramount importance.

Given the power and reach of social media in 2019, every brand wants to put out the best content in front of its target audiences.

For search engines like Google and social media like Facebook and Instagram, great content is what drives marketing efforts. There cannot be a sound marketing strategy if the content is not leading it.

In 2019, the quest to create quality content has made Content Creators mini celebs in their respective industries.

It does not matter whether you are working with a specific Content Marketing team or representing the brand, the principles of content creation remain the same.

In this article, we analyze the top ways through which you can become a content creator on social media. We will also explore ways and means through which content creation can be profitable from a monetary standpoint.

Content Creator on Social Media: Why you should consider becoming one?

From a social media writer to a graphic designer, content creators can have diverse roles and expertise.

A copywriter can also be a content creator. You do not need to be an expert at video editing or PSD designs. Likewise, a designer can also be a copywriter. You do not need to have a flair for creative writing.

However, what matters most is how well you are able to think creatively and innovatively. The primary task of a content creator is setting the content strategy on social media.

Content creators go over and beyond a normal Social Media Marketing team. They manage complicated roles ranging from Marketing to Branding. In this sense, content creators transgress roles and importance for a brand in multifarious ways.

The credibility of leading a content creation team will help you elevate your expertise and your salary. You can also work as a Freelance Content Consultant for brands and agencies.

If you have the experience, led strong content campaigns and delivered results, every agency or brand will want to have you.

This is because social media platforms are shifting towards ‘quality content’. Even though some might say this was always the case, I would beg to differ. Some years back, marketing and advertising spends were dominating social media.

The declining organic reach on platforms (it is still a problem) was being compensated by high spends and low content.

However, platforms are now going back to quality content creation. They realize that users want to experience good content, rather than being pushed ads about products and services.

Brands too have woken up to this reality. They are heavily spending on getting organic traffic and engagement through quality content.

Generating Revenues through Content Creation

Content Creation

If you want to pursue the role of a content creator on social media, there are two main avenues of monetization.

  • You can become the Content Head of a Social Media Marketing Agency and work for numerous brands.
  • You can become a Social Media Influencer yourself and start promoting brands in your industry niche.

In my experience, I have seen the best copywriters and designers rise to head huge Content teams. They decide on the strategy, they execute campaigns; they form the storytelling a narrative.

Nothing leaves the creative agency unless it receives its go-ahead. With experience, you will be able to understand what works for the brand and how should it be represented on social media.

Being a Content Head in a Social Media Marketing or Content Marketing agency is a big deal. You coordinate and manage a team, without doing the manual work. Yes, you might be required to set the tone and let juniors take over.

From a remuneration standpoint, a Content Head is handsomely paid. The average salary can range from between $100,000 USD to $500,000 USD. If you are good, agencies will start poaching you.

You can also try your hand at becoming a full-time Social Media Influencer.

All you need to do is find your niche and create high-quality content around it.

Travel, Food, Tech, Fashion, and Health are some of the top social media categories that see traction.

Once you become an Influencer, brands will start reaching out to you for sponsored posts and relationships.

You can travel the world, promote products, enjoy freebies and earn millions in the process.

How to be the best Content Creator on Social Media?

In the past few months, many enthusiastic copywriters and designers have written in asking this exact question. This article, in many ways, is intended for them.

1. Be passionate about a niche and stick to it:

You cannot be an expert content creator if you live by the proverb- ‘Jack of all; Master of none’! Being an expert content creator means you should know your niche inside out.

The first step towards being an expert in understanding your industry’s TG. How can you really understand your TG is you are working for ten different types of industries and brands. You might have a working idea for sure, but will you excel? I guess not.

It is very important to be passionate about what you want to pursue. You need to remember that you will have to stick with it for a long time. A content creator on social media needs to be passionate enough to create outstanding content on a daily basis.

2. Start Blogging and build your credibility:


The digital is as much about networking as it is about anything else. If you want to be a top attraction in the social media marketing industry, you need to build your personal brand.

This means maintaining and publishing on your blog actively. This also means being active on a number of social media platforms. It is only when you are interacting and engaging with the best in the industry will you start getting exposure.

Designers can also create digital portfolios on platforms like Behance and Awwwards. This will help get the necessary level of exposure. Always remember that whenever someone is going to hire you, the first thing they will do is look you up on social media.

3. Stay Updated with the most Current Social Media Happenings:

Social Media

You can never be a content creator if you are not following the NewsRoom or the Press Room of platforms like-

All social platforms write extensive articles and news about the latest updates and changes on their platforms. This includes the best practices, things to avoid and other important notifications.

It is imperative that you keep yourself abreast with all the latest occurrences from the social media world. A content creator on social media needs to know more than any other person on the team.

This will help you align your social media strategy, hashtag strategy, and many knick-knacks on a daily basis. Staying updated will also help you establish your authority and credibility in your organization. It will also help you lead and guide a proper social media marketing team.

4. Follow the Best in the Social Media Industry:

There is no dearth of award-winning creative agencies, which design multi-million dollar social media campaigns. If you want to be the best content creator, you need to know about them.

There is always a difference between being inspired and copying things. If you want to be the best, you will always need to follow in the footsteps of the best. It is always a good idea to follow the social media pages of good creative agencies, brands and Creative Directors.

They share a lot of knowledge about creativity, ad campaigns, and best practices all the time. By keeping your ears close to the social media industry, you stand to benefit a lot. You also take ad campaigns, tweak them for your client and TG and execute them.

I have found that there are occasions when the best content creators experience a creative block. This is natural. The key is to learn, visualize and seek inspiration from the best in the industry.

5. Understand User Experience and User Journey:

People on social media are always looking for directions. Right after they consume a great content piece, they want to know what to do next.

If you want to be a great content creator, you always need to keep the end in mind. This is where an idea of marketing and sales comes in handy. I am not saying that you need to have an MBA in Marketing.

All I am saying is that every content serves a purpose. It can be getting engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.) or lead generation and sales conversions. This is the climax of your content strategy. You need to understand the needs of the brand and tailor your communication accordingly.

The best content creators on social media and content marketing experts have perfected this art.

6. Help Users solve their Problems and Issues:

In the past couple of years, the move towards informative and useful content has been made. Earlier, social media was all about outright buying and selling. That is because brands wanted it to be that way.

However, the success of content marketing has shown that useful information is critical on the internet. You cannot be a great content creator unless you are offering informative and useful content.

From a social media marketing perspective, it is important for you to convince brands to take this Inbound Approach. By maintaining a healthy balance between user-friendly content and pushing products, you will see your efforts bearing fruit.

Understanding the Target Audience is something that content creators need to be an expert at.

7. Start thinking like a Brand Manager:


In the last point, I spoke about how content creators need to make brands understand. That is important. However, thinking from a brand’s perspective is equally important in order to succeed.

If you are creating content for a brand, you need to know the brand even better than its Founder or CEO. This means knowing every little detail about the brand, its TG and its products and services.

I know that this is something that does not come easy. However, if you want to be the best, you need to start thinking like one. A brand manager maintains the integrity and sanctity of the brand as well as sees its future in sales terms.


With the rise of Inbound Marketing, content creators have never been more in demand. I personally feel that the job of a Content Creator on social media does not see a dull day. When the aim is always to push your creativity sky high, there are not many boring days at work.

However, the most challenging job at a Social Media Marketing agency is that of a Content Creator. From your own CEO to the brand’s marketing manager, everyone will always be breathing down your neck.

By following the above seven best practices, you can excel at your task. If you really want to be successful, the seven ways are going to guide you at every step of the journey.

From being rewarded at Festivals and Events to earning a fat paycheck at the end of the month, content creators have come a long way.

If you feel I have missed any point, please add value in the comments section below.

Till then…let the content creating process begin!

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