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Perfect Selfies For Girls: Tips And Tricks



No matter how you feel about selfies – as narcissism or an image-making tool – it is impossible to imagine the modern world without such photos. Back in 2013, selfies became so popular that it was named word of the year in England.

It was even added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Interest in selfies will never disappear. The term now refers to a special kind of author’s photographic portrait.

If you still think that the front camera “doesn’t like” you, and you know nothing about poses for women we urgently rush to help you, just read Skylum’s blog.

Here are some essential tips to improve your portrait shots and make them more interesting.

Taking Perfect Selfies At Home

Taking Perfect Selfies At Home

The recipe for a good shot can be packaged into a formula: location + angle + lighting + pose + timer. And, of course, the mood. Try to think of the process as a game, as fun, don’t set special expectations, and enjoy yourself.

Don’t be afraid to try and make mistakes-all unsuccessful takes can be deleted. Look on Pinterest for ideas and female photography poses for your home shoot, and think about what kind of atmosphere you would like to capture, how you want to look, and what details you want to fill the frame with.

Prepare the location for the shoot. It is best to choose a well-lit part of the apartment, such as near a window. The background should be plain and laconic, not overloaded with details.

If necessary, take a picture from a wall, take away a too-bright plaid from the sofa, and move the table so it can’t be seen in the frame. Make sure there is nothing “growing” out of your head (a lamp, a painting, a curtain) or “cutting off” your neck. Don’t get stuck into the wall, take a couple of steps away from it to the camera – it adds depth and volume to the shot.

How To Choose A Good Angle For A Selfie

Good Angle For A Selfie

Foreshortening is the positioning of the camera to your height. If we are shooting a portrait, the camera should be at eye level or a little bit higher. If you take a full-length picture it would be better if the camera was at the level of the solar plexus – then both the body and the limbs look proportional and beautiful.

You can put your phone on a stack of books to get the right height, or in a wide cup, or buy a tripod. Remember the rule of thirds. The camera of almost every smartphone has a grid that divides the frame into three parts horizontally and vertically. When taking a self-portrait, make sure that your face is at the intersection of these lines on the grid, or that your eyes are on one of the lines.

1. Lighting for the perfect selfies

Selfies can be taken with both natural and artificial light. The soft diffused light that occurs in cloudy weather is good for portraits, but the light at noon can “draw” sharp shadows under the eyes and the nose, and the chin will cast a shadow on the neck. The closer your face is to a light source (such as a window), the stronger the contrast between the shadow and the light.

For artificial lighting, you can use candles, a lantern, a desk lamp, and anything else your imagination prompts you. Experiment with different kinds of light, and see how the picture changes when you use only one type of light or both at once.

2. Poses for successful selfies

Now let’s talk about women’s poses for photo shoots.

Here are some tips to make your selfies perfect:

  • Don’t try to assume a “symmetrical” pose. Even in nature, symmetry is not common, so asymmetry looks more interesting. Move, observe yourself and what it looks like, and don’t be afraid of bad shots – sometimes between a couple of bad ones you can catch the one where just a micro-movement will “make” the whole shot.
  • Never point your elbows and knees into the frame. Point them away from the camera, and you’ll see how much more graceful your figure looks.
  • Fill the entire frame with yourself. There can be a great temptation to sit on a chair or sofa and try to take up as little space as possible. Don’t do that! Keep your posture, sit in a half-turn, and take your knees out of the frame, one leg can be pulled slightly forward and into the corner of the shot – this will visually lengthen it.
  • Emphasize what is beautiful, not hide what you find unattractive about yourself. Show fine lines, try to put your wrist forward with a thin part rather than your palm to the camera, show your collarbones, or rest your hands on your waist.
  • When taking a full-length photo, try not to lean forward – your legs look shorter and your body looks bigger. Try pulling your leg forward into the corner of the frame and leaning back just a little bit, and voila! You immediately have long legs and graceful body curves.


A photograph is a captured emotion. A glimpse of the moment. Details. Now you know how to take the perfect selfies, most importantly, let yourself relax, fool around, take all kinds of poses, and don’t be afraid to look funny or weird – because there is only you and the camera.

Alone with her, the amazing discovery is born that you are a beauty, and it doesn’t matter if you are wearing jewelry and makeup, or just a towel after the shower. If you’re interested in learning more about poses for women, read Skylum’s blog and unleash your artistic potential!

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