Creative Professionals Looking To Settle In America Need To Know

5 Things Creative Professionals Looking To Settle In America Need To Know



We have many readers who live in the USA and many who wish to live in the USA. The ones who have relocated themselves to America accepted the fact that the whole process can take a toll on your body.

Getting a credit card without a social security number, sorting out the visas, complicated tax returns, and much more. There is a whole list to know before you can actually move to America.

This whole process becomes more complicated if you are creative professionals. And seeking an opportunity to move to the United States for your work. According to Manji Law, this process can be simplified if you know the right procedures.

What Are The Things A Creative Professional Needs To Know Before Moving In America

Moving In America

If you are creative professionals and pursue a career in the things you love (Music, Comedian, Acting, etc.) and are thinking of relocating to America, there are many things you need to know before setting sail.

Here are the things you need to consider before moving to America.

1. Get The Paperwork

Paperwork is the first thing that you need to clear. Paperwork is the most complicated part of moving to America. It is advisable that you have an immigration lawyer that will help you get all the paperwork done.

Also, you need to ensure that all your documents are in English. Even if one document lacks this criterion, your visa application might be denied.

Given below are the documentation requirements:

Passport with a relevant ID card – check out FAQ here regarding fake ID cards. 

  • Passport with a relevant ID card.
  • Visa documents.
  • Marriage / divorce certificates.
  • Medical insurance policies.
  • Academic certificates.
  • Bank statements.
  • Driving license.
  • Religious certificates.

2. Pick The Right City

Being a creative professional, you must have an idea of where your profession is valued and where you will be able to earn money with your profession.

While moving into one of these homes for rent in new york city or an apartment in Los Angeles might be your personal preference (and a great choice if you are aiming to get a big showbiz break!), there are, of course, other cities as well that are flourishing in many other industries. Why not head to Atlanta or Nashville if you’re in the music scene, or to Chicago if you’re a comedian? Depending on what kind of profession you have, you have several locations to choose from.

3. America Has Fewer Holidays

The work culture of America is quite focussed. Under federal law, employers are not obliged to offer any of their employees any paid leaves or paid vacations. As for public holidays, employers have the right to choose which public holiday needs a holiday for the employees.

However, Christmas and new Year’s eve are holidays. Other religious holidays are decided on a case-by-case basis. All these decisions are down to the state government and individual employers.

4. The Cost Of Living Varies A Lot

The cost of living in America is quite expensive and varies depending on the place you’re living. For instance, if you live in New York City, you might have to pay $5000 for a 2BHK home and $3000 for the same in Queens. The same thing can be said for the groceries.

When we come down to transportation, driving everywhere is quite common. However, in the big city, transport can get pricey.

5. Medical Insurance Is A Must

If you are coming to America with a state-level of healthcare insurance, you are going to get a shock. Medical facilities in America are quite expensive. Medical procedures and the medicinal cost is a lot more than what is in your country.

If you want to enjoy your life in America, you need to have medical insurance to back up your medical fees. One survey shows that you need to pay $440 a month and almost $1200 for the whole family to qualify for medical insurance.


America is different from other countries. They are vigilant about whom they provide access to their country. There are many things that you need to consider. We have tried to give you a general idea of what you need before moving to America.

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