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How To Start An Online Business In Canada?



Many fortune-seekers arrived in Canada in the mid-19th century to search for gold in Klondike and Fraser River.

Now, there’s a new wave of economic migrants to the Great White North.

Young and tech-savvy people from all over the world are exploring the country’s ever-growing opportunities for starting an online business.

How To Set Up An Online Business In Canada Fast

While the path to launching an online business worldwide is more or less trodden, future Canadian entrepreneurs should consider some geographical and provincial specificities.

1. Find your niche

The first thing you have to do is find your niche. Decide how your online business will be making money. You may set up an online shop, a WP blog, or a site promoting your online courses or works of art.

  • Trendiest online businesses in Canada

Right now, dropshipping is the trendiest online business in Canada, followed by online translation services and VA. Alternatively, you can set up an auction site or start a self-help blog.

2. Headquarter your business

You do not have to headquarter your online business in Canada, but you may pay less in taxes if you do so. To speed up administrative procedures, try to set up an office in Toronto or Vancouver. For greater efficiency, contact a local law firm.

3. Pick up a hosting provider

Again, you don’t have to pick up a Canadian hosting provider for your business. However, since you’ve chosen this country to invest in, you should check out the local offers first. It’s essential to pick up one that is not forbidden in Canada, or else your site will be inaccessible to local customers.

  • Top hosting providers in Canada

Host Papa is the most popular provider of web hosting in Canada, followed by CloudWays, Greengeeks, Hostinger, and SiteGround. Of course, you can consider other providers, as long as they are accessible from Canada.

  • Hosting type

The cheapest introductory offers are usually for shared hosting. When you choose a provider, ask for a VPS hosting quote.

4. Register a domain name

Picking up a domain name for your online business is an important decision. It should represent your industry and brand while resonating with your Canadian clientele. Your hosting provider can help you pick up and register a domain name. The extensions you should consider are .com and .ca.

domain name

Since Canada is a bilingual country, you should register two different domain names for your business, one in English and the other in French. Alternatively, you can choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce in both languages.

5. Create a website

Once you’ve picked up a hosting type, provider, and domain name, you should set up a business website. The four most popular business websites are:

  • Online shop
  • Lead generator
  • Service portfolio
  • Blog.

Alternatively, you can set up an event website or start a social forum. If you are going to sell a limited number of products, you can build a sales funnel.

6. Populate your site with engaging content

Try to strike the perfect balance between visual and written content when populating your website’s pages. You can hire an online marketing agency to research the local market and come up with creative ideas. When it comes to written content, try to hire Canadian writers to create it.

engaging content

7. Spread the word about your online business

The fastest way to spread the word about your online business is to exchange banners or content with similar local websites.

You can also join local Facebook groups and post links to your site. If you are selling works of art, you can reach the local market via Instagram or TikTok. You can also open business accounts on and

Let’s Wrap Up

Before you take the steps described above, you should figure out the setup costs. A local attorney’s office can do the math for you. If you already know the business climate in a particular province, you can skip the exploratory stage.


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