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10 Steps Use Facebook Live: Expert Guide



Facebook is a social media platform that is the most popular in the world, with over two billion users. It provides brands with a range of ways in which they can engage and interact worth their audiences. Tools like Facebook live are giving companies the capacity to showcasing theirs behind the scenes elements. It helps them portray their human elements that are important when it comes to making connections via social networks.

Facebook Live is usually the most genuine and friendly way of communicating key messages. It is at the moment, it is real, uncut and more so it is happening. It is about real people engaging and conversing with others.

Therefore, Facebook live is working as a window into the inside of the lives of companies, beyond branding and polished exteriors.

Additionally, Facebook live is user-friendly. It does not matter whether or not you have the experience of being a social media manager; it is easy to use Facebook live

Whether you plan to stream through your phones or have invested in classy film equipment, Facebook live has the proficiencies. It hooks you to different devices and cameras, thus ensuring effortless and high-quality streaming.

Besides, here are some more benefits of Facebook Live, which are worth consideration.

Facebook live creates a sense of community:

Facebook live

The main aim of using Facebooks’ algorithm change is to help in building connections. This is an implication that companies need to change their marketing strategies. Instead of just working to boost sales, consider creating genuine relationships with the customers. And the perfect way of doing so is by the use of Facebook Live.

Before determining the type of content you are going to produce and who your target audience is, think of the kind of community your product is connecting. With Facebook Live, you can have the opportunity of connecting with the consumers in real-time.

By answering the questions as you film, viewing the comments, and going through the conversations, you can gain more trust. This can also create a more authentic image of your companies.

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Facebook lives encourage engagement:

A high priority when it comes to Facebook’s new algorithm is high engaging content. Therefore, for your brand’s content to be seen and be more reputable, you need to post content that can spark conversations.

You can consider doing videos; they have high engagement levels as compared to images or text posts. The live videos will always get more interactions compared to the regular ones. The comments on Facebook live videos are also more.

Therefore, posting a live video is the best strategy when it comes to the accomplishment of your company’s content on the uppermost of the Newsfeed.

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Facebook live is cost-effective:

Facebook live is cost-effective

For most businesses, finding a way to ensure you are getting quality content while staying within the budget is always the key objective. Facebook live can be the best while the cost-effective way of your company making quick –low-cost notices.

With the use of Facebook live, there is no need of using the big filming crews and expensive equipment. What the company will need is handheld devices and maybe one person for shooting. The best thing is that once the live stream is over, so is the video complete; no editing is needed.

Facebook live videos help save time:

When it comes to making live videos on Facebook, this is less time consuming compared to the pre-recorded video. The good thing about Facebook live videos is that they are highly produced, unedited, and raw. They allow real-time engagement and are of real-time content.

The businesses can be interacting while shooting the video. That is saving them the time they could have spent responding to queries later.

Facebook Live encourages traffic:

Facebook Live

The main benefit of Facebook Live is that it drives traffic to your business pages. The live videos you post can promote more engagement allowing more product promotions. More so, it can help you retain your users as they will always come back for more content.

Facebook live will always allow constant updates, real-time interactions, and unique content thus making your businesses draw more traffic to their sites.

Ten steps to use Facebook live: Expert guide:

Facebook live

It is hard disputing with the potential of live streaming in the current world where customers are craving for stronger connections with their brands. Since the launch of Facebook lives in 2016, it has seen its daily watch time growing by more than forty percent.

Facebook live is making it essentially convincing for the users who are checking out on social media for trends and updates. The other social media platforms are even trying to incorporate the same strategy to take advantage of the growing live streaming attractiveness.

However, with these Facebook live steps in your mind, you can have all it takes to ensure your broadcast is on the right track.

1. Offer context constantly:

It is a natural idea to always introduce yourself or any other speaker at the beginning of your broadcast video. After all, just like the blog posts, your aim when it comes to living streaming is convincing people always to stick around.

However, with Facebook live, visitors can always join in the stream at any moment. And since more and more people are coming in, you must reflect on your introduction. Give your audiences an introductory of what they should expect or let them know what is happening

2. Promote before you broadcast:


Most content that we post is usually followed up with consistent promotions. However, you must remember that live videos are more like events than blog posts. In short, it is vital for generating interest before having the experience of getting all essential viewership.

The good thing is that Facebook will always let you target certain events and groups with your advertisings. The critical thing here is to push the upcoming announcements on your Facebook live account.

Remember one vital thing, do not repeatedly tell your audience you are going to stream. Ensure that every time you are reminding them you are sharing something new of value. You can choose to highlight the hint of what you want to share.

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3. Make sure you are likable:

One key vital Facebook live step to remember is that it is your chance of connecting with your audiences. That is, you are not marketing yourself, but you are trying to build a relationship that is going to last longer. It should create long-lasting impressions.

Before broadcasting, ensure you are more confident, smiling, and even relaxed. As long as you are doing it subtly, then you can be sure of drawing more attention to your services and products. You can choose to end your video with a call to action or referencing your services in the entire content.

4. Prepare yourself by limiting distractors:


Facebook Live is a more laid –back and natural experience than regular promotions or adverts on television or YouTube. However, this does not mean you should not plan. Remember that your activities in life are representing your brand, so you cannot afford giving wrong impressions.

Therefore, before you think of broadcasting your Videos, take some time to prepare. Remember, you can always begin with private broadcasting for testing your sound, lighting, and other surrounding elements and for overall testing.

Ensure that you are investing in something worth it. Work hard to see that you minimize the unwanted background noises and atmosphere be it outside or indoors. More so, when it comes to Facebook Live preparation, stable, broadbands connections can go a long way as well.

5. Analyze your results:

When it comes to the marketing world, it is ideal that you learn from what you are accomplishing. With Facebook, it has various metrics that can be used in measuring your live videos. You can try checking the number of unique viewers you are having and how many people you have reached.

For you to ensure that you are designing and publishing stronger videos in the future, you should learn more about your audience preferences. Through social media analytics, you can go through your results, thus determining the people watching at a specific time.

Through this, you can always get to know the time when you have the most impact on your audiences. With these data, experiment and try optimizing on your next video.

6. Think of the formatting techniques:

When preparing for your big presentation, ensure you are thinking of how you will be shooting your video and when you will be streaming. For example, when you are using the Facebook live app for iOS, consider either vertical or horizontal broadcast –deliberate on what is giving you the best view.

You can choose to have an intimate behind the –scenes with your audiences. It can help you know what is best for your brand.

7. Always be Responsive: 

The reactions and live comments are what make the experience engaging to the customer. It will still feel more like a two-way conversation, especially when you respond directly to the customer’s questions in person. That is why Facebook live always drives comments more than non-live videos.

And one way to increase the engagement online is through addressing the comments that are appearing live on air. It will invite more people sharing their thoughts and opinions. In the case, you feel that the comments are many to respond to in one stream, get the help of someone off-camera.

The key thing to always remind yourself is that Facebook live is like a window in your brand’s experience in real-time. The way you respond to comments will keep your audiences at the moment. You can use Sprout, in managing the messages from one single –stream smart inbox.

8. Give your viewers a shout out:

After finishing shooting Facebook live videos, they are usually archived. It means that in case you need sharing additional value with your audience, you can always pay attention back to them.

For boosting your viewership among those who did not join you for the live show, you can try to share quick postings to thank those who watched. For additional engagement, ask questions and give comments.

9. Time is just right:

When it comes to creating an impression on the minds of your audience, then the timing could be essential. Just the same way there are tips when it comes to sending email campaigns for the best responses, so for hosting your live videos.

When you want to live-stream the last thing you can think of is posting your video when your target audience is inactive or asleep. Make sure you consider a review of your target audience first.

You can use the Sprout Social Facebook report to get to know more about your target audience. Measure your Facebook post interactions and fan growth.

10. Use other channels in promoting:

Do you think that Facebook live videos need just to be developed on Facebook? No, this is not the case. You can choose to improve across all your social media channels. It will help to get users turning to your Video on Facebook.

There is no way you will get everyone from LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram watching your video. But with the link you will provide to the video, it could help make the process easier.


From video to images, to text, to live to stream, the content has a particular impact when it comes to creating engagements. Brands are continuing to finding a way in which they can engage their audiences more effectively. And most of them are turning to use Facebook live for business.

But the concern is, is this type of content indeed for your businesses? The age of instant content is making Facebook live, Instagram stories, and snapchat big core players in reaching your audiences.

If you are hesitant, it is okay. But with the benefits that brands have gained from using Facebook live for business, this can perk to keep you motivated.

Therefore, Facebook live videos are now becoming popular. Facebook live is now an essential tool to increase customer engagement and company visibility. It is thus an effective way to help get messages out there, foster a sense of community, and promoting your brand.

[email protected] will help you to craft a winning strategy for your Facebook live campaigns. In case you have any comments or questions, feel free to share them with us here.

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